Charles Sturt EdX is back for 2021!

‘Connecting in a disruptive world’

Charles Sturt’s premier learning and teaching conference is back and available online on 17-19 November 2021 and this year, the Division of Learning and Teaching is teaming up with the Division of Student Services for a second year, the event will be streamed around 4 focus points:

  • Future Focussed
  • Innovation & Quality
  • Co-Creation
  • No Limits

The world of higher education continues to be a very different world than it was 2 years ago, with an expectation that disruptions will continue to happen. COVID  continues to impact, and its unpredictable pathway creates a need for agility, for versatility and for the unexpected. Across the sector, universities and academics face challenges that include isolation, restructures, and competition. On graduation students are required to be ready to step into new work contexts, new work roles and a demand for new capabilities and skills. In turn, this means university courses need to not only develop cognitive and academic skills but also prepare students for the practical world of work.

At Charles Sturt, we are moving into new structures, and different ways of working. We seek to provide our students with relevant, exciting learning that prepares them for entering the workplace. In our rural and regional communities, we seek to be a source of inspiration and to model ways of living in the world differently.

CSEdX 2021 is focussed on connecting. Connecting with our colleagues to explore different ways of teaching collegially, of being one university. Connecting with our students to provide high quality learning experiences that meet their future needs. Connecting with our communities and professional disciplines to advance knowledge, to support change and to ensure sustainability across our lives. Connecting with our First Nations peoples to share stories, learn together and create new pathways.

  1. How are you connecting in this disruptive world?
  2. What have you learned as you have adapted and moved with the many changes?
  3. How can we all learn together?

There are four sub-themes that reflect the ways we are connecting:

Future Focussed:

While the future remains unpredictable, we know that it will be different, and that we need to focus forward and imagine the possibilities. Future focussed teaching provides students with the skills to adapt what is known to accommodate the new; to solve unpredictable and messy problems; to operate flexibly and to understand sustainable practices for self, industry and the world.  Future focussed design of learning asks big questions, offers options and pays attention to the strengths of diversity and perspective.

Submissions under this theme will highlight how we are designing learning and teaching to connect students together in new ways,

  • challenging them to think forward,
  • explore possibilities and think riskily to produce new knowledge and strategies.
  • They will highlight how academics and professional staff are connecting to create new environments with unexpected opportunities and new approaches.


Teaching and learning are relational activities, responding to the needs and capacities of connected individuals in many arrangements. Knowledge today is available through diverse sources and opportunities. Expertise can be learned in many ways and shared in many more. Connecting to create, and experience, learning provides new ways of looking at content and skills.

Submissions under this theme will highlight where co-creation has informed practice.

  • This may include co-creation of content between industry and academic teaching staff;
  • co-creation of learning experiences between students and academics,
  • co-creation of resources across subjects in a course,
  • or co-creation of subject content across faculties or schools.

Innovation and Quality:

New technology tools seem to emerge every week, connecting individuals across space and time zones. New understandings of the ways learning can happen inspire new ways of offering activity. Teaching is responsive and engagement can be unexpected – quality teaching is about constantly reflecting, tweaking, addressing dilemmas and being curious about repurposing and redeveloping learning materials and resources. Quality teaching is transformative changing the way students think and act. Seeking quality requires us to think outside the square, to explore what is possible and to share what we discover.

Submissions under this theme will showcase innovative practice – in design, in teaching and in assessment. 

  • The presentations will introduce new thinking, and inspire others to try new approaches.
  • They may be the starting point for a scholarly activity,
  • or report on a project that has tested creative ways of teaching.
  • They may raise questions or present dilemmas for shared thinking and be the beginning of something new.

No Limits:

Disruption breaks boundaries and challenges the status quo. We are never able to fully predict the outcomes of excellent teaching, or of strong support for a student who is unsure. We want to encourage our students to aspire to great achievements – to make a difference and be distinctive. In this unpredictable world we don’t know what is possible, or what we are able to do outside of ‘normal’ patterns.

Submissions under this theme are open

  • If your idea or work does not fit the other categories then it will fit here.
  • How have you challenged your boundaries in the last year?
  • How will you challenge them in the future?
  • This theme gives you the chance to hypothesise on possibilities and promote conversation that surprises.

The Charles Sturt EdX conference provides a forum for Charles Sturt staff and to engage in scholarly activity and sharing best practice that will positively impact the learning and teaching experience of Charles Sturt students. Charles Sturt EdX will achieve this by linking our Divisions and our three Faculties, to ensure staff are able to learn from experts, share best practice and build capacity in their area of work, either as an academic or professional staff member.

Take part

Charles Sturt EdX fosters collaboration and demonstrates the value we place on a student-centred culture at Charles Sturt. Put forward a paper, podcast, or quicktalk via our submission form.

We’re also pleased to invite students to present and attend the conference. If you’re a current student, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your learning experiences – what’s working and what could we do differently?

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Submissions open Monday 5th July 2021.