Keynote Speakers

Professor Claire Macken

‘Connected in a Disruptive World’

Wednesday, November 17th @ 10-11am

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Session Brief

In this keynote presentation hear an optimistic view as to the future of learning and teaching in higher education.  In response to an unanticipated circumstance, educators and institutions have successfully adopted new approaches that challenge traditional ways of learning, engagement and assessment.  

Higher education is in the midst of a wonderful opportunity to reimagine the physical and virtual learning environments for learning moving forward – with new student spaces (online and in person) to facilitate new ways of on-campus connection, collaboration and teaching and learning practices.  

In this presentation we will discuss how learner, industry and teacher interactions can create a transformative approach to learning and teaching, to allow higher education to reimagine its future.

Speaker Bio

Professor Claire Macken is the Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) in the College of Business and Law at RMIT University in Australia.  Prior to this appointment, Claire was Director of Future Learning at RMIT Online.  She has previously held roles as a Director of Education at KPMG, and also at Apple, leading Higher Education and Industry. Claire held various senior roles in Australian Universities, including as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Innovation and Future Learning) and Director of Online and Blended Learning at La Trobe University, and as an Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) in the School of Law at Deakin University.  Claire is a nationally-award winning teacher, with an Australian Award for Teaching Excellence, and an Australian Citation for her work in relation Student Engagement.  Claire holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degrees with Honours and is the author of nine books and multiple book chapters and journal articles in both law and education.

Simon Heath

‘Disruption, Black Swans and why the Medium is not the Message’

Friday, 19 November 2021 @ 10-11am

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Session Brief

Simon John Heath will be giving his keynote speech on how we connect in a disruptive world. Looking specifically at what disruption is, what ‘Black Swans’ really are, and how we can continue to connect through them.

Looking back at historical precedents of how disruptive events were predicted and dealt with in the past. As well as what the laws of progression are for adapting to the ever changing technology of the future.

Speaker Bio

Simon John Heath is a TV Director and Executive Producer with over 20 years international experience. His background includes field, post and management roles across all areas of television production and development – including factual, documentary, current affairs and lifestyle. Having Executive and Series Produced as well as Directed, for Discovery USA, National Geographic USA, History Channel USA, Sixty Minutes, Horizon BBC, Catalyst ABC and  FUSE USA. In addition to writing scripts for Millenium / NuImage films in Hollywood and now currently the founder and co-manager for UNESCO’s Earth Futures Festival in New York, Paris and Sydney.

Simon has worked professionally as a cameraman, designer and editor, as well as doing on-camera and reporting work. Simon has a BA Comms, 1st class honours from CSU, as well as an MBA in International Management from UTS. He also attended Sydney University, where he studied Classics, before transferring to CSU.

Simon has worked in France, Alaska, Sulawesi, Albania the Faroe Islands and Budapest, amongst other places, and has lived in Santa Barbara, California, and Little Italy, New York.