(CS EdX Sessions) Shamsi, S

Title: Professional societies and education of students

Presenter: Shokoofeh Shamsi

School/Faculty/Division:  Animal and Veterinary Sciences     

Session Type: Poster

Where: https://edx.csu.domains/posters-2/

Abstract: Professional societies have a primary educational and informational role. Through their body of experts, they have the power to determine trends in their fields and to influence federal agencies, universities, society, consumers and funding organizations. The core mission of most professional societies is to propose and promote change to meet new challenges, through committees, meetings, publications and policy statements. The aim of this presentation is to provide a review of the major challenges in the teaching of 21st Century based on experience across multiple contexts, courses and universities and to outline emerging opportunities on how educators and societies can work together. It is proposed that a cross university portal through a professional society could benefit students’ education, immensely.