(CS EdX Sessions) Gunn, Allan

Title: ‘A viral pivot in a zooming CSU veterinary subject’

Presenter: Dr Allan Gunn (Senior Lecturer)

Co-presenter(s): Michelle Eastwood, Luzia Rast, Jennifer Manyweathers

Faculty / Division: FoSH

School / Unit: Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences

Session Type: Quick Talk

When: (Wednesday, 17 November 2021 @ 11:15am – 12:15pm)

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/65823543614


Saturday, Coronavirus lock-down is announced. Before the ‘Sunday’ set, Charles Sturt veterinary course production animal colleagues developed online tutorials to mimic a week of farm visits. By Monday we were ready to deliver high quality learning and teaching in a transformed learning environment.

Using on-line platforms, we pivoted seamlessly from the real world of animal handling and examination, to that of a of high impact technologically transformed virtual world of facilitated learning. Manual skill development was temporarily substituted for knowledge and cognitive development, whilst still meeting the subject learning outcomes. We completed the week with zoom tutorials, including engaged discussion. Question and answer sessions led by students demonstrated positive student impact. We showcased the Charles Sturt brand and student-centred culture by sharing and co-creating knowledge with students, exemplifying our school mission to produce rural focussed graduates.; and to make our world worth living in.