(CS EdX Sessions) Shamsi, Shokoofeh

Title: Bringing Research and Teaching together in Undergraduate Courses

Presenter: A/Prof Shokoofeh Shamsi

Co-presenter(s): Diane P. Barton

Faculty / Division: FoSH

School / Unit: Agricultural, Environmental & Veterinary Sciences

Session Type: Quick Talk

When: Thursday, 18 November 2021 @ 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Where: Zoom meeting link


The aim of this presentation is to show how employment of disciplinary research in undergraduate teaching has led to higher-level critical thinking among them. Through lectures, and assessment tasks we encourage and aim to enable students to develop as independent learners, actively engaged in the process of seeking to understand, thus preparing them for a lifetime of continuing professional development.

In practical sessions, we incorporate much of our own research into our teaching materials in practicals. We provide them with a diverse but connected range of activities, from life cycle posters to microscopic slides, gross specimens, and digital images through which students go further than simply observing a specimen, encouraging deeper thinking. In addition, tutorials and case studies have been developed for the subject.

The above-mentioned approaches support students to develop an in-depth knowledge and transferable skills in advanced problem-solving and critical evaluation and promote autonomy and life-long learning which students need as graduates. We reflected on our practice based on students’ evaluation survey, increased undergraduate engagement in research activities, and increased engagement of students with the professional society and the industries.