(CS EdX Sessions) Silverson, Kerry

Title: Enhancing students’ employability skills | Collaborating across Schools and Divisions

Presenter(s): Kerry Silverson

Division of Student Services

Session Type: Quick Talk

When: Thursday 19th November 2020, 11.30 am to 12.30 pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/66984662481

Abstract: Contemporary higher education providers operate in complex and volatile contexts, subject to changing societal expectations, government regulations and budgetary restraints. Currently, universities are required to holistically prepare students to be world-ready, happy, well-adjusted, professional and inquisitive contributors to our global future (Drysdale & Bowen, 2017). The Careers and Skills Hub works with academic staff to transform the way in which students are supported to transition from university into a career, and address skills gaps by embedding employability and career development skills within curriculum. Working with academics from all, the Careers and Skills Hub supports students to expand their awareness of employability skills through a combination of online modules, workshops and resources embedded within the curriculum. Resources are also provided to guide students in communicating their skills to employers through professional CVs and application writing workshops and resources, as well as opportunities to practice their interview skills. The skills obtained aid students to plan and prepare for careers post-graduation.