(CS EdX Sessions) Sugumaran, Melanie

Title: Preparing People for Professional Placement

Presenter(s): Melanie Sugumaran

Workplace Learning Coordinator, Faculty of Arts and Education

Session Type: Quick Talk

When: Wednesday, November 18th 2020 @ 2pm – 3pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/62730023443

Abstract: As a Workplace Learning Coordinator and a Subject Coordinator for Teacher Education distance students, I have found an overlap in these roles that play a significant protagonist in preparing people for placement.

Preparing people (students) for their professional experience placement, positions them for success before they even start. Hosting mandatory pre-placement meetings as a subject requirement, has ensured that I have captured the cohort of students in a timely manner prior to their placement. This preparation has a holistic perspective that is informative, practical and clarifies expectations allowing a smooth transition to placement.

The meetings also open a channel of communication whereby people (students) can engage in sharing and seeking support. The connection made with students prior to their placement allows them to see that we are mindful of their well-being. This has led to well supported placements that have minimised risk, increasing success.