(CS EdX Sessions) van Huet, Helen

Title: Using Innovation in Online Professional Placements for First Year Students

Presenter(s): Helen van Huet

School of Community Healthy (FoS)

Session Type: Quick Talk

When: Wednesday, November 18th 2020 @ 2pm – 3pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/65280857270

Abstract: Sourcing clinical placements is an issue particularly for first year students.  COVID 19 required creative responses to enable timely implementation of quality placement experiences for occupational therapy students in this case. Online placements may be undervalued by clinical educators and students as being unauthentic. This presentation details how a peer-assisted online placement was facilitated by collaboration between Charles Sturt University (CSU) and Going Rural Health (GRH).

Objectives –

  • Detail how the online placement met learning objectives about understanding scope of practice by collaborative student development of an infographic.
  • Describe how the placement enhanced understanding of professional identity and promoted work readiness skills – communication, adaptability, self-direction, time management and teamwork.
  • Discuss factors that enable successful online placement experiences for students.

Short goal-directed placements can achieve positive outcomes in student learning including ‘being excited’ by career choice. Planning, preparation, supervision and support can ensure successful outcomes and deliverables for all participants.