(1) Co-Creation

Teaching and learning are relational activities, responding to the needs and capacities of connected individuals in many arrangements. Knowledge today is available through diverse sources and opportunities. Expertise can be learned in many ways and shared in many more. Connecting to create, and experience, learning provides new ways of looking at content and skills.

Submissions under this theme will highlight where co-creation has informed practice.

  • This may include co-creation of content between industry and academic teaching staff;
  • co-creation of learning experiences between students and academics,
  • co-creation of resources across subjects in a course,
  • or co-creation of subject content across faculties or schools.

See below for the full list of sessions aligned with this theme.

  • (CS EdX Sessions) Bacchus, Ruth
    Title: Rubric Co-construction and Peer Assessment Presenter: Dr Ruth Bacchus (Lecturer in English) Co-presenter(s): Joy Wallace Faculty / Division: FoAE School / Unit: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Bi, Rui
    Title: Online Learning Experience Design and Development for a Professional and Practice-based Education Presenter: Dr Rui Bi (Senior Lecturer) Co-presenter(s): Faculty / Division: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Campbell, Heather
    Title: Resistance and Resilience: surviving a professional experience during COVID19 lockdown Presenter: Heather Campbell (Associate Lecturer) Co-presenter(s): Clare Power, Sarah-Jane Lord Faculty / […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Curtin, Michael
    Title: “No longer the specimen in the room”: co-production of education resources Presenter: A/Prof Michael Curtin (Head of School) Co-presenter(s): Dr Tracey Parnell […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Gersbach, Katrina
    Title: What Role does Kindness Play in Education? Presenter: Katrina Gersbach (Lecturer in Social Work and Human Services) Co-presenter(s): Dr Fred Velander, Dr […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Gunn, Allan
    Title: ‘A viral pivot in a zooming CSU veterinary subject’ Presenter: Dr Allan Gunn (Senior Lecturer) Co-presenter(s): Michelle Eastwood, Luzia Rast, Jennifer Manyweathers […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Higgins, Bernard
    Title: Co-designing an Educational Animation with a Remote First Nations Community in Far North Queensland Presenter: Bernard Higgins Co-presenter(s): Lloyd Dolan, Yaynadarambal Jade […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hill, Barbara
    Title: How to Communicate with First Nations Peoples: a resource Presenter: A/Prof Barbara Hill (Academic Lead, First Nations Curriculum) Co-presenter(s): Bernard Higgins, Lloyd […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hopf, Suzanne
    Title: Reflecting on the Importance of Critical Literature Reviews in the Masters of Speech Pathology Presenter: Dr Suzanne Hopf (Lecturer in Speech Pathology) […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hyde, Sarah
    Title: What does Effective Professionalism in Practice look like at Charles Sturt? Presenter: Dr Sarah Hyde (Senior Lecturer in Medical Education) Co-presenter(s): Dr […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Lewis, Clifford
    Title: Supervision Disruption: being mindful of vulnerabilities in HDR students Presenter: Dr Clifford Lewis Co-presenter(s): Jo Esler Faculty / Division: BJBS School / […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Neher, Alain
    Title: Navigating the Complexities of Course Design: a course director’s perspective Presenter: Dr Alain Neher (Assoc. Head of School) Co-presenter(s): A/Prof Deborah Clarke […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) O’Connor, Michelle
    Title: COM113Radio: Connecting Students On-Air Presenter: Michelle O’Connor (Communication Lecturer) Co-presenter(s): Dr Travis Holland Faculty / Division: FoAE School / Unit: Information and […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Parnell, Tracey
    Title: “Hope, Recovery and Humanity”: Embedding the Listening to Voices learning resource into curricula Presenter: Dr Tracey Parnell (Head of Discipline, Occupational Therapy) […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Rae, John
    Title: Co-creating Arts-based Doctoral Research Supervision Presenter: Dr John Rae (Interim Head of School) Co-presenter(s): Jessica Houston Faculty / Division: FoSH School / […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Randell-Moon, Holly
    Title: Indigenous Automation in the Budj Bim eel and Brewarrina fish systems: Cultural Responsivity in Cross-Cultural Indigenous Science Education Presenter: Dr Holly Randell-Moon […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Shamsi, Shokoofeh
    Title: Bringing Research and Teaching together in Undergraduate Courses Presenter: A/Prof Shokoofeh Shamsi Co-presenter(s): Diane P. Barton Faculty / Division: FoSH School / […]