(1) Building Resilience: maintaining wellbeing through uncertainty

We’ve all experienced so much change in these extraordinary times, and that change has impacted on our energy, our creativity and our levels of anxiety and inspiration. In this stream, we invite you to share your strategies for re-energising, for helping students (and staff) manage their loads, for re-focusing. How have you built your own resilience during this time of change? What have you learned about your practice? How have you been creative or helped others to feel strong and focussed?

  • (CS EdX Sessions) Connor, Celia
    Title: COVID19: a life lesson in Biology Presenter(s): Celia Connor School of Agriculture and Wine Sciences Session Type: Quick Talk When: Wednesday, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Copeland, Tiernan & Jones
    Title: Staff and Student Wellbeing and Mental Health During and Post COVID19 Presenter(s): Kim Copeland, Samantha Tiernan, Michelle Jones, Melinda Green Office […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Diaz, Gill & Flint
    Title: Teaching Human Anatomy Practical Classes Online Presenter(s): Dr Claudia M. Diaz, Mr Matthew Gill, Ms Emily Flint School of Community Health, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Erskine & Schoenmaker
    Title: Sometime You Will Fall: enacting resilience in emerging communication professionals Presenter(s): Victoria Erskine and Sharon Schoenmaker School of Communication and Creative […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Head, Peter
    Title: How Distance Brought Our Library Service Closer to Students and Colleagues Presenter(s): Peter Head Charles Sturt University Study Centres Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hill, Barbara
    Title: Virtual Cultural Immersion with Bathurst Wiradjuri Elders and Gulaay during COVID19 Presenter(s): Dr Barbara Hill Gulaay First Nations Curriculum and Resources […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Leitch & Cork
    Title: ‘Zoomers’ Gaining Pertinent Laboratory Skills in Lockdown: a chemistry reflection Presenter(s): Dr Sarah Leitch School of Agriculture and Wine Science (FoS) […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Lewis, Robinson, Skinner, Hill, Bilton, O’Shea & Stenlake
    Title: Going Beyond: Learning from collective voices, informing safer spaces Presenter(s): Melinda Lewis, Caroline Robinson, Kay Skinner, Barb Hill, Natalia Bilton, Simone […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Murphy, Steve
    Title: Nurturing Relatedness Online: Practices conveying care, connection and collegiality Presenter(s): Steve Murphy School of Education (FoAE) Session Type: Paper Presentation When: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Patton, Bracken & Winslade
    Title: Workplace Learning: supporting students during times of crisis Presenter(s): Narelle Patton, Dr Matthew Winslade, Elizabeth Bracken Sub Deans Workplace Learning (FoS, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Robinson, Lewis, Skinner, Hill, Bilton, O’Shea, Stenlake
    Title: Journeys of Cultural Competence: maintaining wellbeing and building resilience Presenters: Caroline Robinson, Melinda Lewis, Kay Skinner, Barb Hill, Natalia Bilton, Simone […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Samuel, Sheeja
    Session Title: Need for Academic Resilience and Legislative Requirement Presenter: Sheeja Samuel Division of Learning and Teaching Session Type: Quick Talk When: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Sugden, N & Tindle, R
    Title: What Are We Doing to Support Our Online Students? Presenter(s): Dr Nicole Sugden, Dr Richard Tindle School of Psychology, Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Sugumaran, Melanie
    Title: Preparing People for Professional Placement Presenter(s): Melanie Sugumaran Workplace Learning Coordinator, Faculty of Arts and Education Session Type: Quick Talk When: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Tinkler, Jacquie
    Title: Redesigning a Subject for Anxious Students Presenter(s): Jacquie Tinkler School of Education (FoAE) Session Type: Paper Presentation When: Wednesday, November 18th […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) van Huet, Helen
    Title: Using Innovation in Online Professional Placements for First Year Students Presenter(s): Helen van Huet School of Community Healthy (FoS) Session Type: […]