(2) Student Success: thriving and succeeding beyond 2020s challenges

Positioning students for future success won’t come from just talking about it. It’ll take going all hands in – and not being afraid to get them dirty in the process. This year, more than any other, we have been challenged to roll up our sleeves and adapt our learning and teaching practices to ensure student success in a rapidly changing world. We are required to prepare students for an uncertain post-COVID world, one where graduates will require resilience, drive and a growth mindset to positively impact the world around them.

2020 has delivered unprecedented challenges and opportunities to rethink and evolve our learning and teaching. This stream allows you to share your learning and teaching practices that position students for future success, because it’s not what we say that makes a difference, it’s what we do. These learning and teaching practices could include hands-on student experiences, workplace learning, collaborative learning opportunities, community, industry and professional partnerships and those designed to support students’ development of professional identity. As this stream is about what we do, you are also encouraged to share your creativity and challenges you encountered along the way, things that didn’t work so well and those that did.

  • (CS EdX Sessions) Biles, Murphy & Mayo,
    Title:   Developing understanding of student’s expectations: road to student success Presenter: Dr Jessica Biles, Dr Kylie Murphy, Ms Patience Moyo School of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Bond, J & Thwaites, R
    Title: Global Citizenship: Exploring transformational learning in international trips within the School of Environmental Sciences Presenter: Bond, J & Thwaites,R School of Environmental […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Cash & Harvey
    Session Title: Collaborative knowledge creation in a climate of change School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts of Education Session […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Connor, Celia
    Title: COVID19: a life lesson in Biology Presenter(s): Celia Connor School of Agriculture and Wine Sciences Session Type: Quick Talk When: Wednesday, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Copeland, Tiernan & Jones
    Title: Staff and Student Wellbeing and Mental Health During and Post COVID19 Presenter(s): Kim Copeland, Samantha Tiernan, Michelle Jones, Melinda Green Office […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Diaz, Gill & Flint
    Title: Teaching Human Anatomy Practical Classes Online Presenter(s): Dr Claudia M. Diaz, Mr Matthew Gill, Ms Emily Flint School of Community Health, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Dolan, Bracken, Mitchell, Hill, Lewis & Neher
    Title: Embedding Indigenous Cultural Competence in a Business Course: a journey Presenter(s): Lloyd Dolan, Elizabeth Bracken, Nicole Mitchell, Dr Barbara Hill, Melinda […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Dutton, Geoff
    Title: Teaching comparative veterinary anatomy during COVID an anatomical learning journey Presenter: Geoff Dutton School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Science […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Fabry & Miles
    Poster Presentation tab The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for all areas of the University, and Charles Sturt Library (committed to supporting […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Fields, E R
    Title: Beyond Grit or Self Esteem – easing students’ transition to university academically Presenter(s): Elaine Rodrigues Fields Charles Sturt University Study Centres […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Garner, Jane
    Title: Using H5P to Create No-Stakes, Optional Quizzes to Support Learning Presenter(s): Dr Jane Garner School of Information Studies (BJBS), Wagga Wagga […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Gonzalez & Kalache
    Title:  An Online Teaching Planner for staff at CSU Presenter(s): Prue Gonzalez & Lachlan Kalache Academic Lead, Faculty of Science & Lead, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Goodwin & Rurenga
    Title:  Engaging students with real world examples; Lindy Chamberlain media trial Presenter(s): Annette Goodwin & Geraldine Rurenga Division of Library Services  Session […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Gunn, Eastwood, Heller, Said, Petzel & Brookes
    Title: Covid virtual veterinary rotations; staying apart, thinking and working together Presenter(s): Allan Gunn, Michelle Eastwood, Jane Heller, Lauren Said, Christopher Petzel & […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Gunn, Stephen & Jones
    Title: Practical reproduction; covidly from behind the zoom room door Presenter(s): Allan Gunn, Cyril Stephen & Elizabeth Jones School of Animal & Veterinary […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Harris & Wilkinson
    Title: Best of both worlds – blending campus and online teaching experiences   Presenter(s): Wendy Harris, Dr Jared van Duinen & Michelle Wilkinson […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hayes, Karen
    Title:  Engaging students in critical thinking online using Team Based Learning™ Presenter: Karen Hayes School of Community Health Session Type: Quick Talk […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Head, Peter
    Title: How Distance Brought Our Library Service Closer to Students and Colleagues Presenter(s): Peter Head Charles Sturt University Study Centres Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hewis, Johnathan
    Title: Experiences using an online poster exhibition to provide summative assessment with industry engagement Presenter(s): Johnathan Hewis Dentistry & Health Sciences, Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hill, Barbara
    Title: Virtual Cultural Immersion with Bathurst Wiradjuri Elders and Gulaay during COVID19 Presenter(s): Dr Barbara Hill Gulaay First Nations Curriculum and Resources […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Huang, Xiaodi
    Title: Lecturing with Online Feedback and Assessment Presenter(s): A/Prof. Xiaodi Huang School of Computing and Mathematics, Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Knott, Stephanie
    Title: Using a cloud-based learning platform to support anatomy & physiology teaching Presenter: Stephanie Knott School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Krautloher, A & Logan, D
    Title: Interactive Oral Assessment: an alternative approach to traditional exams Presenter(s): Amita Krautloher & Danielle Logan Representatives from Griffith University & Division […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Leitch & Cork
    Title: ‘Zoomers’ Gaining Pertinent Laboratory Skills in Lockdown: a chemistry reflection Presenter(s): Dr Sarah Leitch School of Agriculture and Wine Science (FoS) […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Linden, Gonzalez, Van der Ploeg & Hicks
    Title: Embedding Early Assessment Items for Successful Student Transition Presenter(s): Kelly Linden, Prue Gonzalez, Neil Van der Ploeg, Ben Hicks Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Lustig, Kim
    Title: The transition to online simulation-based education in 2020 Presenter: Kim Lustig Faculty of Science, School of Community Health Session Type: Quick Talk […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Moloney, Monique
    Title: Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) – a case for multi-modal delivery Presenter(s): Monique Moloney Study Centre, Melbourne Session Type: Podcast Q&A […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Myers, J & Berry, E
    Title: Same Same, But Different: adapting strategies & learning to engage international students through COVID19 Presenter(s): Jay Myers and Emmett Berry School […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Norton, Rogers & Evans
    Title: How our past prepared us for a pandemic: Librarians bridging the information gap for distance learners Presenter: Jane Norton, Carrol Rogers, Jacqueline […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Otutaha, H and Buttsworth, M
    Title: The Impact of ‘Whole of University Approach’ on Student Led, Peer to Peer Retention Campaigns Presenter(s): Holly Otutaha and Michael Buttsworth […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Patton, Bracken & Winslade
    Title: Workplace Learning: supporting students during times of crisis Presenter(s): Narelle Patton, Dr Matthew Winslade, Elizabeth Bracken Sub Deans Workplace Learning (FoS, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Pengelly, Jacqueline
    Title: The use of simulated learning activities in workplace learning Presenter(s): Jacqueline Pengelly School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health, Faculty of Science […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Pengelly, Jacqueline
    Title: Telehealth for Workplace Learning in Exercise Science Presenter(s): Jacqueline Pengelly School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health, Faculty of Science Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Randle & Bradshaw-Wiley
    Title: Combining cohorts: contemporary issues in equine science Presenter(s): Hayley Randle & Ella Bradshaw-Wiley  School of Animal and Veterinary Science, Faculty of Science […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Robinson, Baker, Horn & Mirtschin
    Title:    Change is afoot to create responsive and resilient podiatry students Presenter(s):  Assoc Prof Caroline Robinson, Emma Baker, Anna Horn, Emma Mirtschin […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Rodwell, Cameron, Aubrey & Donaghy
    Title: The Show Must Go On(line): Reimagining live performance Presenter(s): Zoe Rodwell, David Cameron, Gabrielle Aubrey & Barnaby Donaghy School of Communications […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Roman & Kalle
    Title: A New flexible student centred innovative Medical Science Pathology Course Presenter(s): Noelia Roman & Wouter Kalle    Faculty of Science Session Type: Quick […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Ryan, Matthew
    Title: No more lecturing, we all need to learn Presenter: Matthew Ryan Division of Learning and Teaching, Strategic Online Learning and Teaching Team […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Shamsi, S
    Title: Professional societies and education of students Presenter: Shokoofeh Shamsi School/Faculty/Division:  Animal and Veterinary Sciences      Session Type: Poster Where: https://edx.csu.domains/posters-2/ Abstract: Professional societies […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Shwayli,S
    Title: Maximising Students’ Success: Academic Advising in COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond   Presenter: Dr. Seham Shwayli Study Support Coordinator-Charles Stuart University Study Centres […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Silverson, Kerry
    Title: Enhancing students’ employability skills | Collaborating across Schools and Divisions Presenter(s): Kerry Silverson Division of Student Services Session Type: Quick Talk When: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Smyth, K & Wilkinson, M
    Title: Transforming Professional Development in a Post-COVID World Presenter(s): Kellie Smyth and Michelle Wilkinson Division of Learning and Teaching Session Type: Interactive […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Storer, Connor & Harper
    Title: Lessons Learnt in Online Classes During Pandemic Presenter(s): Dr Christine Storer, Celia Connor and Dr John Harper School of Agricultural and […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Sugden, N & Tindle, R
    Title: What Are We Doing to Support Our Online Students? Presenter(s): Dr Nicole Sugden, Dr Richard Tindle School of Psychology, Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Sugden, Nicole
    Title: Lessons Learnt in Using zoom for Online Learning and Teaching Presenter(s): Dr Nicole Sugden School of Psychology (BJBS) Session Type: Quick […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Sugumaran, Melanie
    Title: Preparing People for Professional Placement Presenter(s): Melanie Sugumaran Workplace Learning Coordinator, Faculty of Arts and Education Session Type: Quick Talk When: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Tinkler, Jacquie
    Title: Redesigning a Subject for Anxious Students Presenter(s): Jacquie Tinkler School of Education (FoAE) Session Type: Paper Presentation When: Wednesday, November 18th […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Van de Ploeg, Linden, Hicks & Gonzalez
    Title: Reducing Student Debt by Increasing Identification of Completely Disengaged Students Presenter(s): Neil van der Ploeg, Kelly Linden, Ben Hicks, Prue Gonzalez […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Welsh, Grainger & Bracken
    Title: Surviving and Thriving through 2020: a BJBS journey Presenter(s): Kirrily Welsh, Jenny Grainger & Liz Bracken Faculty of Business, Justice and […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Wheeler, Sack, Davidson & Cross
    Title: Beyond first year: Embedded Academic Skills support Presenter: Debbie Wheeler, Julie Sack, Karen Davidson, Erika Cross   Division:  Division of Student Services, Academic […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Yousif, Mazin
    Title:     Discipline Support Services: A Tertiary Peer Learning Program Presenter: Mazin Yousif Study Centre Sydney Session Type: Quick Talk When: Thursday […]