(2) Innovation & Quality

New technology tools seem to emerge every week, connecting individuals across space and time zones. New understandings of the ways learning can happen inspire new ways of offering activity. Teaching is responsive and engagement can be unexpected – quality teaching is about constantly reflecting, tweaking, addressing dilemmas and being curious about repurposing and redeveloping learning materials and resources. Quality teaching is transformative changing the way students think and act. Seeking quality requires us to think outside the square, to explore what is possible and to share what we discover.

Submissions under this theme will showcase innovative practice – in design, in teaching and in assessment. 

  • The presentations will introduce new thinking, and inspire others to try new approaches.
  • They may be the starting point for a scholarly activity,
  • or report on a project that has tested creative ways of teaching.
  • They may raise questions or present dilemmas for shared thinking and be the beginning of something new.

See below for the full list of sessions aligned with this theme.