(3) Reimagining Learning: harnessing the lessons from 2020

The future in higher education will build on the experiences and forced changes that emerged in 2020. Perhaps the biggest concern is if we simply return to ‘normal’ or should everyone just stay home? What are the possibilities? How do we utilise our creative problem solving and new experiences to shape the future? Whose voices do we need to listen to as we imagine what teaching and learning at Charles Sturt can be into the future?

  • (CS EdX Sessions) Allman, K & Humphreys, J
    Title: Copyright Conversations: flexible approaches to engaging learning and teaching experiences Presenter(s): Kate Allman & Jane Humphreys Division of Library Services Session […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Auhl, G and McCarthy, S
    Title: Reimagining Assessment in Post-Graduate Study: Student designed tasks Presenter(s): Greg Auhl & Sally McCarthy Division of Learning and Teaching Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Biles, Murphy & Mayo,
    Title:   Developing understanding of student’s expectations: road to student success Presenter: Dr Jessica Biles, Dr Kylie Murphy, Ms Patience Moyo School of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Borschman (Niemann), Madelle
    Title: Tailoring Learning Resources for Multi-modality Presenter(s): Madelle Borschman (Niemann) Study Centre Melbourne (BJBS) Session Type: Quick Talk When: Wednesday, November 18th […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Brann, James
    Presenter(s): James Brann Division of Student Services, Bathurst Campus Type: Interactive Discussion When: Friday, November 20th 2020 @ 10am – 11am Where: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Cameron, O’Connor, Van Heekeren, Wotzko
    Title: Tuning in: Using Charles Sturt’s radio expertise to support podcasting Presenter: David Cameron, Michelle O’Connor, Brett Van Heekeren, Rebecca Wotzko Div / […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Cash, Moorhead, Iffland & Wilkinson
    Title:  Transforming Social Work residential schools into the online environment Presenter(s): Belinda Cash, Bernadette Moorhead, Ben Iffland, Michelle Wilkinson School of Humanities […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Diaz, Gill & Flint
    Title: Teaching Human Anatomy Practical Classes Online Presenter(s): Dr Claudia M. Diaz, Mr Matthew Gill, Ms Emily Flint School of Community Health, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Fabry & Miles
    Poster Presentation tab The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for all areas of the University, and Charles Sturt Library (committed to supporting […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Goodwin & Rurenga
    Title:  Engaging students with real world examples; Lindy Chamberlain media trial Presenter(s): Annette Goodwin & Geraldine Rurenga Division of Library Services  Session […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Harris & Wilkinson
    Title: Best of both worlds – blending campus and online teaching experiences   Presenter(s): Wendy Harris, Dr Jared van Duinen & Michelle Wilkinson […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Harvey & White
    Title:    ‘Understanding Ageing’: Reimagining Learning via an Online Open Learning Program Presenter(s):  Robin Harvey & Leanne White School of Humanities and Social […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hayes, Karen
    Title:  Engaging students in critical thinking online using Team Based Learning™ Presenter: Karen Hayes School of Community Health Session Type: Quick Talk […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hewis, Johnathan
    Title: Experiences using an online poster exhibition to provide summative assessment with industry engagement Presenter(s): Johnathan Hewis Dentistry & Health Sciences, Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Hill, Barbara
    Title: Virtual Cultural Immersion with Bathurst Wiradjuri Elders and Gulaay during COVID19 Presenter(s): Dr Barbara Hill Gulaay First Nations Curriculum and Resources […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Huang, Xiaodi
    Title: Lecturing with Online Feedback and Assessment Presenter(s): A/Prof. Xiaodi Huang School of Computing and Mathematics, Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Knott, Stephanie
    Title: Using a cloud-based learning platform to support anatomy & physiology teaching Presenter: Stephanie Knott School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Krautloher, A & Logan, D
    Title: Interactive Oral Assessment: an alternative approach to traditional exams Presenter(s): Amita Krautloher & Danielle Logan Representatives from Griffith University & Division […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Leitch & Cork
    Title: ‘Zoomers’ Gaining Pertinent Laboratory Skills in Lockdown: a chemistry reflection Presenter(s): Dr Sarah Leitch School of Agriculture and Wine Science (FoS) […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Lustig, Kim
    Title: The transition to online simulation-based education in 2020 Presenter: Kim Lustig Faculty of Science, School of Community Health Session Type: Quick Talk […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Mitchell, Nicole
    Title:  Active Learning in Online Classes – Lessons from the front line Presenter: Nicole Mitchell Division of Learning and Teaching Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Moloney, Monique
    Title: Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) – a case for multi-modal delivery Presenter(s): Monique Moloney Study Centre, Melbourne Session Type: Podcast Q&A […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Murphy, Steve
    Title: Nurturing Relatedness Online: Practices conveying care, connection and collegiality Presenter(s): Steve Murphy School of Education (FoAE) Session Type: Paper Presentation When: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Osburn, Short, Mlcek, Gersbach & Iffland
    Title: Zooming Into Social Work Intensive School: delivering skills-based learning and teaching online Presenter(s): Lynelle Osburn, Monica Short, Susan Mlcek, Katrina Gersbach […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Patton, Bracken & Winslade
    Title: Workplace Learning: supporting students during times of crisis Presenter(s): Narelle Patton, Dr Matthew Winslade, Elizabeth Bracken Sub Deans Workplace Learning (FoS, […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Pengelly, Jacqueline
    Title: The use of simulated learning activities in workplace learning Presenter(s): Jacqueline Pengelly School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health, Faculty of Science […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Pengelly, Jacqueline
    Title: Telehealth for Workplace Learning in Exercise Science Presenter(s): Jacqueline Pengelly School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health, Faculty of Science Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Randle & Bradshaw-Wiley
    Title: Combining cohorts: contemporary issues in equine science Presenter(s): Hayley Randle & Ella Bradshaw-Wiley  School of Animal and Veterinary Science, Faculty of Science […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Rodrigues, Elaine
    Title:  Using online tools to enhance synchronous engagement: ideas and challenges Presenter(s): Elaine Rodrigues Fields School of Computing and Mathematics Session Type: […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Rodwell, Cameron, Aubrey & Donaghy
    Title: The Show Must Go On(line): Reimagining live performance Presenter(s): Zoe Rodwell, David Cameron, Gabrielle Aubrey & Barnaby Donaghy School of Communications […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Ryan, Matthew
    Title: No more lecturing, we all need to learn Presenter: Matthew Ryan Division of Learning and Teaching, Strategic Online Learning and Teaching Team […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Schwarz, Vitez & Krautloher
    Title: Virtual Chemistry Labs: a sound alternative to the traditional labs Presenter(s): Lachlan Schwarz, Peter Vitez and Amita Krautloher Division of Learning […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Smith, Silverson, Patton, Bracken, Clements & Koch
    Title: Developing students’ employability skills | Whose job is it anyway? Presenter: Kirsty Smith, Kerry Silverson, Narellle Patton, Liz Bracken, Jacqueline Clements, Clara […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Smyth, K & Wilkinson, M
    Title: Transforming Professional Development in a Post-COVID World Presenter(s): Kellie Smyth and Michelle Wilkinson Division of Learning and Teaching Session Type: Interactive […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Storer, Connor & Harper
    Title: Lessons Learnt in Online Classes During Pandemic Presenter(s): Dr Christine Storer, Celia Connor and Dr John Harper School of Agricultural and […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Tinkler, Jacquie
    Title: Redesigning a Subject for Anxious Students Presenter(s): Jacquie Tinkler School of Education (FoAE) Session Type: Paper Presentation When: Wednesday, November 18th […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Wahlin, Erskine & Walls
    Title: Team Teaching: collaborating by example Presenter(s): Dr Willhemina Wahlin, Ms Victoria Erskine & Ms Rachel Walls School of Communication & Creative […]
  • (CS EdX Sessions) Winslade, Bracken & Patton
    Title: Workplace Learning: creating virtual opportunities Presenter(s): Dr Matthew Winslade, Narelle Patton, Elizabeth Bracken Sub-Deans Workplace Learning (BJBS, FoS, FoAE) Session Type: […]