(CS EdX Sessions) Erskine & Schoenmaker

Title: Sometime You Will Fall: enacting resilience in emerging communication professionals

Presenter(s): Victoria Erskine and Sharon Schoenmaker

School of Communication and Creative Industries

Type: Paper Presentation

When: Wednesday, November 18th 2020 @ 11am – 12pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/62699415190

Abstract: While a variety of dispositional characteristics have been examined in relation to student achievement in higher education contexts, resiliency is considerably understudied in this domain (Wilson, Babcock & Saklofske, 2019[EV1] ). Resilience, is the ability to respond positively to ongoing challenges while maintaining momentum to pursue personal and professional goals (Schoenmaker & Erskine, 2019).   Academic resilience refers to the dynamic and iterative process where students develop their capacity for academic and social success notwithstanding personal and environmental adversities (Luthar, Cicchetti & Becker, 2000).

This study explored the internal and external protective factors that facilitated success for undergraduate communication students.  Internal factors, such as self-efficacy and social support, as well as external factors, caring and supportive relationships, positive and high expectations, contributed to academic adjustment, progression and completion.

This study highlighted opportunities for practicing resilience through meaningful participation needs to be integral to the curriculum, alongside discipline knowledge and skill development.  The nurturing of students for the academic success is important, even more so, is creating opportunities to ensure students thrive and respond to disruption, challenges and change.