(CS EdX Sessions) Parnell, Tracey

Title: “Hope, Recovery and Humanity”: Embedding the Listening to Voices learning resource into curricula

Presenter: Dr Tracey Parnell (Head of Discipline, Occupational Therapy)

Co-presenter(s): A/Prof Michael Curtin

Faculty / Division: FoSH

School / Unit: Allied Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences

Session Type: Interactive Discussion

When: Thursday, 18 November 2021 @ 12:15pm – 1:15pm

Where: Zoom meeting link

Session Documents:


Academics are frequently presented with resources that support student education, and make decisions regarding their use, including where to embed the content, and how to scaffold and assess learning.  The Listening to Voices (L2V) resource, foregrounding lived experiences of consumers of mental health services, was co-designed and co-produced by consumers, health workers, creative artists, and academics.  This respectful, collaborative, strengths-based, and person-centred resource enables educators to develop students’ understanding of, and ability to have conversations about, mental health.

Talking Points
The ever-changing landscape of health and disability practice requires students to be equipped with the capability to work with people experiencing mental health issues. This competence can be achieved by accessing and embedding high-quality resources, such as the L2V resource, into curricula.  Effective use of the L2V resource can positively involve students in contemporary conversations about mental health and mental ill-health and provide them with opportunities to engage with the consumer’s voice; thereby preparing them for respectful, collaborative, strengths-based, and person-centred practice.

Participants will work in small groups to share, plan, and explore ways to realistically embed the L2V resource within curricula to meaningfully engage students in learning about mental health.  


Intended Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Be familiar with the L2V resource and appreciate lived experience as an educative tool;
  • Embed the resource into learning activities that develop practice knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Conference Theme

Co-creation – the Listening to Voices resources was co-created by consumers of mental health services, health workers, creative artists, and academics.