(CS EdX Sessions) Myers, J & Berry, E

Title: Same Same, But Different: adapting strategies & learning to engage international students through COVID19

Presenter(s): Jay Myers and Emmett Berry

School of Accounting and Finance (BJBS)

Session Type: Interactive Discussion

When: Thursday, November 19th 2020 @ 11:30am – 12:30pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/61671059142

Abstract: CSU has a 20+ year Joint Cooperative Program with four Chinese universities:

  • Jilin University of Finance and Economics   
  • Tianjin University of Commerce        
  • Yangzhou University 
  • Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

The Partnership allows for students to complete CSU’s Bachelor of Business degree at their respective campus. First and second year subjects are taught by the Partner, and in the third year CSU lecturer’s travel to China four times a year to conduct intensive teaching over a four-week period. During the remainder of each session, students have the support of local lecturers.
With the onset of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, our long-established method of teaching onsite had to change. We needed adapted our learning and teaching strategies to suit a new online environment, whilst ensuring we still met the subject learning outcomes. Teaching international students through a Partner required additional considerations such as appropriate learning styles and stakeholder expectations.
Our presentation will discuss the challenges around the sudden shift to remote learning, adaptations required, as well as new opportunities presented. Relevant literature was reviewed to support the teaching pedagogies adopted.  
With the 2020 year and teaching sessions coming to a close, we would like this discussion to be an opportunity for all attendees to reflect on their own teaching adaptions during the year. This is also an opportunity to suggest support / professional development opportunities academics could benefit from, to further improve their teaching next year.
We will cover:

  1. Who we are;
  2. Who our students are and what they study;
  3. Literature reviewed;
  4. Teaching in China:  Challenges and responses.  Engagement, English language and team work.
  5. COVID-19.  Adapting. How we adapted our learning and teaching strategies. 
  6. Making our teaching ‘fit’ and managing stakeholder expectation and relevance to learning outcomes.
  7. Student outcomes. How these were measured.
  8. Open discussion of challenges faced by other academics.
  9. Reflections, suggested improvements and what we will do next time


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Talking points

Please provide two questions/talking points you will use to facilitate discussion.

What challenges and opportunities did other academics face transitioning on-campus classes to online?

What support and professional development opportunities would you like from CSU to improve your online teaching?