(CS EdX Sessions) Storer, Connor & Harper

Title: Lessons Learnt in Online Classes During Pandemic

Presenter(s): Dr Christine Storer, Celia Connor and Dr John Harper

School of Agricultural and Wine Sciences (FoS)

Session Type: Interactive Discussion

When: Wednesday, November 18th 2020 @ 2pm – 3pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/69630635358

Abstract: “Lessons Learnt in preparing for Online Classes and Assessment During a Pandemic” is a participatory session where share our experiences of moving to wholly online classes in 2020.  Three academics teaching agribusiness and science subjects from first to third year discuss what worked, what didn’t and give suggestions for for future improvements.  Discussions will include the time requirements of different activities and how to build in efficiencies where possible.

You are invited to share your experience to build knowledge towards our future online interactions.  This session is expected to interest academics teaching online, actively using Interact to build engagement and to support the staff guiding these academics.  We trust the sharing of ideas by presenters and participants stimulates educators to create excellence in online teaching and learning via Interact and ensure best practice learning outcomes are achievable.

Topics covered include:

  1. The options for different types of lecture and online meeting recordings and their accessibility for diverse student groups and an assessment of the pros and cons of CSU replay Panopto, voice-over PowerPoint, zoom, podcasts, and video recordings.
  • The strategies used to prepare online practical and laboratory learning resources that facilitate student engagement.  Is there value in incorporating elements of these strategies into the future laboratory-based science subjects?
  • The navigation methods and signposting available to guide online learners through subject progression in the absence of face to face learning and without the support of classroom discussion and peers.  These are essential tools to guide, in particular, our first-year students who are just developing independent learning skills and strategies.
  • The strategies used to adapt paper-based assessments for effective, engaging online assessments, including end of session exams and practical exams.  The academics share their experiences around the positives for online assessments, including the ability to link online assessments with Gradebook and ease of marking.  Some of the pitfalls are discussed, which includes issues with academic misconduct and student internet speeds.