(CS EdX Sessions) Zheng, Lihong

Title: Fostering online students’ critical thinking and engaging with problem-solving skills through demonstration

Presenter: A/Prof Lihong Zheng (Academic)


Faculty / Division: BJBS

School / Unit: Computing, Mathematics and Engineering

Session Type: Podcast Q&A

Podcast URL: anchor.fm link

When: Thursday, 18 November 2021 @ 10am – 11am

Where: Zoom Meeting URL


I have been coordinating, managing, and lecturing four subjects of the CSU Bachelor of IT program. The BIT has three Cisco subjects that integrate the Cisco Certificated Network Associate (CCNA) program for better career prospects. CCNA is an IT certification with high-grade industry recognition provided by Cisco, a worldwide leading corporation in networking. It not only provides knowledge and skills but also offers better job opportunities. However, online teaching is challenging in that facilitating and supporting interaction and relationship development is hard. I believe that learning is a dynamic and life-long developing process. Learning should be collaborative and interactive where the student must be the center.

Clear communication is important to good teaching. I create meeting agenda on the screen to guide the lecture and clearly identifies sections: quick review questions for what learned last week, main topics of this week, demonstration of a cast study, Q&A to wrap up. I build on students’ prior knowledge from previous lectures and expanded their understanding by linking abstract concepts with real-life examples and case study demonstrations via simulation software. Particularly, I chunk the information into manageable sections for students to comprehend. During the demonstration, I ask questions and link the solutions with the concepts covered in the lecture. Through sequential tasks designed in the packet tracer simulation activity, students are giving opportunities to propose their ideas and solution, as well as learning from their peers. The concepts are delivered in an interactive way. Thus, it incubates their problem-solving skill and critical thinking capability.

Positive feedback from students shows that students like such kind of demonstration. In such a way, teaching has been well organised and interactive, encourages active learning showing and foster students’ enthusiasm for the subject. Students have been training with more practical skills and get them ready for their future workplace.