(CS EdX Sessions) Auhl, G and McCarthy, S

Title: Reimagining Assessment in Post-Graduate Study: Student designed tasks

Presenter(s): Greg Auhl & Sally McCarthy

Division of Learning and Teaching

Session Type: Interactive Discussion

When: Friday, November 20th 2020 @ 10am – 11am

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/62072722034

Abstract: Now more than ever higher education is aware of the importance of the need to be responsive to the dynamic nature and evolving challenges of the workplace. Post-graduate students bring professional currency and authenticity to each field of professional study. How better to respond to emergent problems than to allow these students to define them. Student designed assessment can ensure we as educators remain up to date with  recent developments in the discipline and professional practice (AQF, 2013), learning about them from our students, as and when they emerge.

In 1994, returning from a study tour in Canada, impressed with what he had found, John Biggs introduced portfolio assessment to his part-time Bachelor of Education subject on psychology and teaching. The students were working teachers and he saw it as an ideal way for them to demonstrate how knowledge of psychology had influenced their teaching practices, captured through a portfolio of examples. Despite initial trepidation on the part of the students, with guidance and a trial run, the results astounded Biggs.

All (the teacher) said was “show me the evidence of your learning that has taken place“ and we had to ponder, reflect, and project the theories we have learnt into our teaching…If it had only been an exam or an essay, we would have probably just repeated his ideas to him and continued to teach as we always do!

                                                                                                                              Biggs & Tang (2011, p.96).

Almost 30 years later, is it perhaps time to reimagine post-graduate assessment practices?