(CS EdX Sessions) Cameron, O’Connor, Van Heekeren, Wotzko

Title: Tuning in: Using Charles Sturt’s radio expertise to support podcasting

Presenter: David Cameron, Michelle O’Connor, Brett Van Heekeren, Rebecca Wotzko

Div / School: School of Communication & Creative Industries

Session Type: Podcast

When: Zoom Q&A on Friday, November 20th 2020 @ 10am

Where: Podcast Available here

Zoom Q&A Session – https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/65132175313

Abstract: This podcast builds on ideas developed through a learning and teaching project more than a decade ago that explored the potential for podcasting as a learning and teaching tool at Charles Sturt. The 2010 Scholarship in Teaching project was titled ‘Lessons from the “explaining voice”: Radio broadcasting as a model for effective and distinctive educational podcasting’. It considered ways in which Faculty and Division staff on all campuses might work more closely with the University’s Bathurst-based radio station 2MCE-FM to develop an engaging and effective educational podcasting model for Charles Sturt. As Charles Sturt undergoes significant transformation in 2020, with a view to ensuring sustainable delivery of high-quality educational experiences into the future, it’s timely to consider the still growing popularity of podcasting as an informational and educational medium.

The podcast considers how more recent trends and developments in podcasting might contribute to reimagining learning at Charles Sturt, and how this might be supported by utilising existing resources and expertise in radio broadcasting within the University. The podcast includes interviews with current staff and students about their experiences with podcasting as learning and teaching content.

One outcome for listeners will be an understanding of some of the background to using radio and podcasting as an educational tool. Listeners will also be equipped with ideas and information about radio production activities, resources and expertise already available to the CSU community that might be used to support effective educational podcasting.