(CS EdX Sessions) Smith, Silverson, Patton, Bracken, Clements & Koch

Title: Developing students’ employability skills | Whose job is it anyway?

Presenter: Kirsty Smith, Kerry Silverson, Narellle Patton, Liz Bracken, Jacqueline Clements, Clara Koch   

School/Faculty/Division:  Division of Student Services, Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, Faculty of Science        

Session Type: Interactive Discussion

When: Thursday, November 19th 2020 @ 2 – 3pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/64287768451

Abstract: Employers have identified dissatisfaction with graduates’ ability to seamlessly transition from university to work, with recent market research (Office for Strategic Planning, 2020b) identifying 14 essential skills employers believe are not explicitly taught within university degrees. The research also found that employers want graduates to be able to articulate and demonstrate their employability skills when applying for roles in industry (Office for Strategic Planning, 2020a).

To facilitate the development of career-ready graduates, universities are challenged to rejuvenate contemporary curricula to encompass development of qualities such as ethical courage, adaptability, confidence, integrity and empathy (Patton, 2017). But who has the time to teach all that in an already full curriculum? Whose role is it to ensure our graduates develop these employability skills? How can these qualities be developed and assessed?

This interactive discussion presentation will outline how collaboration across Faculties, Divisions and with students has resulted in the development of a new resource to assist international students to understand Australian workplace culture and prepare for success in workplace learning.

The presentation will outline how a series of separate conversations and opportunities coalesced in the development of new resources to meet an identified student need – and the responsibility is shared across many units at Charles Sturt, including academics, workplace learning, international student liaison officers, the Careers and Skills Hub and the Office of Global Engagement and Partnerships. The discussion will also outline the need for an overarching employability strategy and formal Steering Committee at Charles Sturt.

Participants in this session will come away with:

  • Ideas for collaborating and incorporating employability skills into curriculum
  • Awareness of existing/new resources to support students’ in developing employability skills

A sense of shared responsibility for Charles Sturt’s Student Employability Strategy and supporting students to develop the required employability skills.