(CS EdX Sessions) Wahlin, Erskine & Walls

Title: Team Teaching: collaborating by example

Presenter(s): Dr Willhemina Wahlin, Ms Victoria Erskine & Ms Rachel Walls

School of Communication & Creative Industries (FoAE)

Session Type: Symposium

When: Thursday, November 19th 2020 @ 2pm – 3pm

Where: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/69917461437

Abstract: In session 30, 2020, three lecturers from the School of Communication and Creative Industries worked together to develop and deliver a new third year subject, CCI303, Communication and Creative Industries Project 1. The challenge was to deliver a subject that would serve every student, in every discipline, within the school by 2021. Having only 8 double degree students in 2020, we were able to pilot the subject on a smaller scale.

Using a pedagogical model that had been previously tested within the research project, Picture Justice Australia, we scaffolded multidisciplinary learning and teaching materials around the Design Thinking Methodology. Students were given the task of contributing work to an online exhibition that focused on the theme of ‘student health and wellbeing’ from a range of different perspectives and disciplinary approaches. Learning and teaching materials were developed and delivered by the multidisciplinary teaching team, with at least 2 lecturers present in every online session with students.

In this panel discussion, we discuss the roles of the lecturers and what perspectives they contributed, ways in which the subject design worked to present opportunities for collaboration, and how the learning and teaching environment provided a model for students to actively collaborate across disciplines for a shared outcome. We share with you the student work, and the future potential of this model for both on-campus and online learning.