Cally Jetta – RUN

Title: Ancient meets modern: Indigenous knowledge teaching through interactive pedagogical technologies

With online enrolments making up over 60% of the current student cohort with the College for First Nations, and continuing to grow, it is imperative that our academic staff are providing an engaging online teaching and learning space that continuously honours First Nations ways of knowing, being and doing. Often seen at odds with one another and considered incompatible, merging traditional First Nations knowledge and pedagogies with modern education technologies presents ongoing challenges. Excitingly however, recent trials of new digital technology within the College for First Nations have produced some very encouraging outcomes and revealed multiple opportunities for First Nations pedagogy to be embedded and shared through cutting edge digital technologies. Padlet and Mentimeter, both online, self-paced and interactive teaching and learning platforms, are two examples of this digital technology currently being trialed by academics in the College for First Nations.

Cally Jetta lives on Noongar Country in the South-West of WA with her husband and four sons where she teaches and studies online with the University of Southern Queensland. Cally is currently completing a PhD that explores ‘the complexities of Aboriginal self-determination in the school sector’ is currently a full-time online lecturer with the College for First Nations at UniSQ.

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