Dr Aaron Wiegand – RUN

Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, Alien and Star Wars: films done wrong. Ten minutes is more than enough.

Abstract: Allegedly, when Victor Fleming was told that his film (GwtW) should be no longer than ten minutes, he expressed concern that it would be difficult to compress so much narrative into such a short amount of time, and that context and emotive engagement would be lost. He rejected the follow-up suggestion to release the film as 22 ten-minute short-films and went on to create what is arguably one of the greatest films of all time. In support of course directors (coordinators) who wish to create epic, award-winning video-lessons, I will present evidence that student engagement with video materials is independent of video length, both in terms of clicking on the video link in the first place, and also the proportion of video watched. Time permitting, I will also illustrate a correlation between engagement with the video materials and grade outcomes, although causality will be left to the audience as a take-home exercise.