CSEdX2022: Panel Discussion

Conference Session 7: Thursday 17 November

9:30 – 11:00 am

Connecting with curiosity: living and teaching in the way of Yindyamurra


The last few years have been challenging on a number of fronts: changes in staff, structures and futures, concerns about personal and employment security in a world that is constantly shifting.

Many people in many contexts are experiencing a sense of disconnection as we continue to grapple with lives filled with challenge. At Charles Sturt, as we reflect on the learning and teaching environment for staff and students we feel a sense of urgency, of change, of anxiety about the world we are working in, and graduating students for.

The panel discussion will explore the way we live our lives to make a difference for our students, our communities and ourselves, re-discovering curiosity as a way to connect and to learn.

Our panel members come from different places across the university and bring with them a range of perspectives and ideas.

The panel will be facilitated by Denise Wood and will take the form of a series of focus points followed by opportunity to hear different perspectives, beginning with a reflection on living in the way of Yindyamurra.