Podcast: A Podcast about Podcasts: Linking Theory to Practice in the MEdTL Course

Dr Kasey Garrison, Dr. Kay Oddone, Krystal Gagen-Spriggs

Following requests from students for more diverse media content in our Master of Education-Teacher Librarianship subjects, we have initiated a podcast project. Interviewing practicing teacher librarians and other experts in the field, the podcasts serve to bridge the theory students are learning within subjects to the practice they will engage in as working teacher librarians. The speakers in our podcasts are active leaders in the field of school libraries and add their experience and expertise in specific areas. For example, our first podcast interviews Natalie Otten, current president of the Australian School Library Association, discussing the multifaceted nature of the teacher librarian role, and our podcast focusing on digital literacies features Barbara Kristo, Head of Library and Esports Coordinator at St Andrews Lutheran College. These timely and relevant topics will help students understand the role of the teacher librarian in the school as both an educator and information professional. In addition to adding to the currency and quality of our subject content, the podcasts also address the different learning styles our online students bring to the course and offer a diverse way of engaging with our course content outside of traditional readings and written text. We include a transcript of the podcast to give alternative access to students, and present the podcasts with additional supporting resources, using the CSU Thinkspace platform. In our CSUEdX podcast entitled “A Podcast about Podcasts: Linking theory to practice in the MEdTL course”, we will share how we create these podcasts and offer some tips and tricks on how others can easily integrate similar content into their subjects. Advances in video conferencing software and increased familiarity with these platforms have reduced the perceived obstacles in creating high quality podcast recordings. Using freely available apps including Zoom, and Audacity, the creation of podcasts has not required any investment in technology. With 40+ years experience in designing and delivering learning for students engaging with the course remotely, the development of podcasts presents another innovation in our pedagogical approach, offering an additional layer of engagement with subject content and the teacher librarian profession.