Quick Talks: Opening up to Open Educational Resources

Presenter: Lauren Brumby

Co-presenter(s): Kate Allman, Anna Du Chesne, Annette Goodwin

Faculty / Division: Division of Library Services

School / Unit: other

Session Type: Quick Talk

Session Number: 3

When: Tuesday 15th November at 12:15 pm

Zoom link: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/64280591937?pwd=aFcraE1vaTZrN1FRa2FJSENNaVNBdz09 Passcode: 409055

Abstract: Imagine a world with no publisher licence agreements or access restrictions on the teaching materials you need! Enter, Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are online learning and teaching materials that are published either in the public domain or under creative commons licenses that allow them to be shared, adapted, modified and reused. Open textbooks easily connect students with their subject reading, reduce their financial burden and invite them into the adaptive process through the provision of real-time feedback. For authors, existing open textbooks can be adapted to a local context, released per chapter, and can result in similar or improved academic performance. Throughout 2022, Charles Sturt Library joined the CAUL Open Educational Resources Collective; a pilot project aiming to move the OER agenda forward by facilitating collaborative authoring and publishing of open textbooks. This quick talk will share the Library’s journey towards ‘open’ thus far and introduce you to the opportunities with OER.