Quick Talks: The modern day paramedic – a multidisciplinary approach to workplace learning

Presenter: Alisha McFarlane

Co-presenter(s): none

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Science and Health

School / Unit: SNPHS

Session Type: Quick Talk

Session Number: 8

When: Thursday 17th November at 11:15 am

Zoom link:  https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/68079657606?pwd=Mm5kR2RuSFZodnY4N2NSOE9OWFJ6Zz09 Passcode: 354053

Abstract: Paramedics treat a wide variety of patient presentations in the community, from the critical and urgent through to chronic conditions experienced every day by a growing percentage of the population. Paramedics can play a vital role in the management and service provision of unplanned and acute patient conditions requiring urgent care services. They have vast knowledge and a wide range of capabilities, a broad scope of practice, and are an essential part of the healthcare system but often not considered outside of a traditional ambulance service. The paramedicine discipline at CSU aims to bridge this gap, by engaging with allied health professionals to deliver high quality, interdisciplinary educational experiences as part of its workplace learning strategy. Through these experiences, not only will students learn specialist skills from dedicated healthcare clinicians, but they will assist in the education of allied health professionals providing insight into their capabilities and scope of practice as they transition to practice.