Interactive Discussion: The class blog as a space for student interaction.

Presenter: Ruth Bacchus

Co-presenter(s): Joy Wallace

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Arts and Education

School / Unit: SSWA

Session Type: Interactive Discussion

Session Number: 5

When: Wednesday 16th November at 11:15 am

Zoom link: Passcode: 110441


This presentation will explore students’ responses to the use of a class blog as a tool or space for interaction and participation. We hope to find that students perceive the blog as a means for connection and belonging. 

Participation in the Class Blog is itself an assessment task, that works asynchronously, with students gaining marks across the teaching session for their posts and their responses to the posts of their peers; it seems that students work here to teach and support each other. This suggests the blog is a form of assessment that also helps create a ‘community of learners.’