Paper Presentations: Science meets Art: Recommendations for learning anatomy

Presenter: Dr Claudia Diaz

Co-presenter(s): Dr Kim Browne; Dr Asim Qayyum; Prof. Dominic Sullivan, Prof. Oliver Burmeister

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Science and Health

School / Unit: SDMS

Session Type: Paper

Session Number: 5

When: Wednesday 16th November at 11:15 am

Zoom link: Passcode: 390407

Abstract: Anatomy is a difficult subject for health science students as it contains new concepts and terminologies, and students typically engage in surface learning approaches such as rote learning and memorisation. There has been a clear shift from didactic methods to self-directed learning and students have improved engagement and effective deep, and long-term retention of knowledge using innovative approaches to learning anatomy. This new array of “hands-on” learning approaches includes drawing, whiteboarding, use of Play Doh to build anatomical structures and the study of surface anatomy (Diaz, 2013; Diaz et al., 2021; Diaz and Woolley, 2015; 2021; Diaz, 2022).