Paper Presentations: Seven sources of joyful teaching

Presenter: Yazdan Mansourian

Co-presenter(s): none

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Arts and Education

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Session Type: Paper Presentation

Session Number: 3

When: Tuesday 15th November at 12:15 pm

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Abstract: This paper aims to identify the components of a “joyful teaching practice” and explain to what extent experiencing “joy” can contribute to better teaching performance. The paper is based on an extensive literature review and reflection on the scholarship of learning and teaching. The author used a thematic analysis method to identify the concepts embedded in the literature. He also mapped the result into a bigger picture of some theoretical frameworks, such as Self-Determination Theory, to present a deeper understanding of the concepts and derive practical implications. The results showed there are at least seven sources of joy in teaching practice: a sense of purpose and meaning, a sense of autonomy and agency, a sense of connection and inclusion, a sense of belonging and ownership, a sense of achievement and fulfilment, a sense of impact and influence and a sense of identity and dignity. The author argues that paying more attention to these elements at the policy and practice levels can make the teaching practice more joyful, meaningful and fruitful.