Paper Presentations: Perceptions toward career outcomes from accredited business courses

Presenter: Kath Attree

Co-presenter(s): Alain Neher, Stacey Jenkins, Jo Esler

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences

School / Unit: 

Session Type: Paper Presentation

Session Number: 6

When: Wednesday 16th November at 12:15 pm

Zoom link: Password: 670517

Abstract: Business schools can opt to pursue two types of accreditation for their course, that is, international accreditation and professional accreditation. While professional accreditation of some business disciplines (e.g., Accounting) is expected, professional accreditation in other fields (e.g., human resource management, finance, marketing, management) is discretionary as is international accreditation. This research sought to understand perceptions toward accreditation of university business programs and what benefits or value are associated with professional and/or international accreditation. Findings reveal that participants align professional and international accreditation of courses strongly with future career prospects and see professional membership as beneficial for forging important industry connections, maintaining their professional development, and enabling them to keep up to date with industry trends. The implications of these findings suggest that opportunities exist for business schools to raise awareness of their accredited programs and to connect students more closely with professional accredited bodies at an early stage in their study journey to assist them in realising the career benefits and opportunities.