Symposium: The Art of Everywhere Else: Developing Public Lectures for Community Engagement

Presenter: Dr Sam Bowker

Co-presenter(s): Jacquie Tinkler

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Arts and Education

School / Unit: Sub Dean Graduate Studies (FOAE) and Senior Lecturer in Art History & Visual Culture

Session Type: Symposium

Session Number: 2

When: Tuesday 15th November 11:15 am

Zoom link: Passcode: 501121


Following the success of public lectures for “Encounters with Islamic Art” (2016), “Renaissance Art and Song” (2017) at the Museum of the Riverina, and “Great Southern Land: Australian Art” (2019) and “Silk Inroads” for the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, I proposed the delivery of the ambitious lecture series yet – “The Art of Everywhere Else” (2022) at the CSU Riverina Playhouse. These public lectures are designed to showcase the beauty and complexity of art history to the widest possible audience. Though developed in tandem with assessment strategies, the public lecture is a powerful means of connecting with regional communities and building meaningful networks with future students and institutional partnerships. Public lectures are inclusive, accessible, and rewarding to create and deliver. This presentation will review the strategies, opportunities and decisions that informed “The Art of Everywhere Else” and other public lectures, and will provide clear recommendations for developing future public lectures from these experiences.