Quick Talks: Activities in democratising learning

Presenter: Katrina Gersbach

Co-presenter(s): Monica Short, Rohena Duncombe, Peta Jeffries

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Arts and Education

School / Unit: SSEA

Session Type: Quick Talk

Session Number: 3

When: Tuesday 15th November at 12:15 pm

Zoom link: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/64280591937?pwd=aFcraE1vaTZrN1FRa2FJSENNaVNBdz09 Passcode: 409055

Abstract: People who study online tend to be mature-aged, bringing with them a lifetime of experiences and knowledges, both professional and personal. That expertise and experience often come from the sector relevant to their tertiary study; suiting it to incorporation into subject materials, helping to keep these contemporary and relevant for practice. The inclusion of these diverse experiences and knowledges can challenge us as educators, support innovation in teaching and learning, and encourage us to be critically reflective within our practice. Inclusion in the learning environment builds belonging and connectivity, engenders reciprocal respect and recognises everyone as colleagues. This challenges the usual hierarchy of teacher/student. Informed by democratising teaching and learning practices, this presentation offers a series of examples of how the authors and people studying online has contributed to subjects, adding an element of co-design.