Quick Talks: The time is now! Integrating environmental and sustainability perspectives into first-year Physiotherapy.

Presenter: Kylie Dobson

Co-presenter(s): Sonia Spry

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Science and Health

School / Unit: SAHESS

Session Type: Quick Talk

Session Number: 6

When: Wednesday 16th November at 12:15 pm   

Zoom link: https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/68349788294?pwd=aCtEcTBMb0NVWGhvekJZby9pRXFiZz09 Passcode: 713823


Sustainability is everyone’s business. The Environmental Physiotherapy Agenda 2023 is an international call to action to Physiotherapy programs aiming to ensure that “every student beginning entry-level physiotherapy education from 2020 onwards will have education regarding the relationship between the environment, human health and functioning”. This aligns with CSU’s sustainable practice GLO. The Bachelor of Physiotherapy program at CSU instituted a learning outcome to a first year Physiotherapy subject in response to the CSU GLO and EPT agenda 2023. To achieve this outcome students were introduced to the UN’s sustainable development goals and scholarly articles on sustainability relevant to the physiotherapy profession. Case-based learning, where the many facets of sustainability were integrated into the holistic rehabilitation of a client, was also used to engage students. The outcome was assessed through a quiz and a presentation in which students’ educated physiotherapists and provided practical solutions for executing changes to enhance sustainable practice.