Quick Talks: Multi-camera streaming via Zoom for practical demonstrations

Presenter: Timothy Crutchett

Co-presenter(s): none

Faculty / Division: Faculty of Arts and Education

School / Unit: SSWA

Session Type: Quicktalk

Session Number: 8

When: Thursday 17th November at 11:15 am   

Zoom link:  https://charlessturt.zoom.us/j/68079657606?pwd=Mm5kR2RuSFZodnY4N2NSOE9OWFJ6Zz09 Passcode: 354053

Abstract: During the redesign of a hands-on practical studio photography subject, there were a few issues that arose. Understandably, the pandemic has changed the way that students respond to scheduled classes. The shift from internal and online classes to a blended model has made multi-camera streaming the most feasible option for practical demonstrations, and means that students whether near, far or in isolation can attend. My quick talk focuses on parity between on-campus and online students, equal opportunities for both cohorts and an optimal learning experience in interactive studio sessions. With no sacrifices to quality or content, students both on-campus and online can receive and interact with the same information simultaneously. The studio setup is pieced together from resources already owned by the faculty. ie. JVC cameras streaming via SDI input, utilisation of open broadcast software routed through the Zoom client etc.